Senior College Art Exhibition

Artwork by Emily Hulme, Year 11 Students
Artwork by Emily Hulme, Year 11 Students

A large crowd of keen students, parents and friends enjoyed a spectacular evening of paintings, sculptures, prints and wearable art at the Sheldon College Senior Art Exhibition in October 2013 in the Senior Learning Centre.

One of the highlights of the night was the annual parade of Wearable Art, which featured the pieces that were winners in the 2013 Queensland Apex Wearable Art Competition, by Isabella Ibrahim and Taylor Gray.

Our Year 9 photography students, not to be outdone, proudly displayed their award winning photos from the Redlands Photography Awards. Acknowledged were Yvonne Kawecki, Michael Bottomley, Hannah March and Camila Falcon for their nature and environmental photos.

As well as graduating the current Year 12 Visual Art students, principal choice certificates, awards were presented:

Appraising Awards:

Year 9 - Hannah March

Year 10 - Sabrina Lloyd

Year 11 - Isabella Ibrahim

Year 12 - Samantha Campbell

Outstanding Art  - Georgia Goldman Collection 

Creative Explorer - Chelsea Balfour

Master Artist - Zhouwen Yi

Wearable Art - Taylor Gray

Emerging Artist  - Brooke Smith and Emily Hulme

Spirit of the Artist - Damien Randall

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the following people for their help and support of this event:

Our Gracious Hosts, Tracey Pollard, Kim Ketter and their wonderful and supportive teams that took a risk in hosting those creative types.

The grounds staff for their commitment and cheerful help regardless of the many, and sometimes bizarre, requests.

Karen Blair and her violin quartet for the beautiful music, which created a sophisticated ambience.

Alastair Tomkins and the amazingly talented singer-songwriters who performed their own compositions to a very appreciative audience.

Pru Vaughan and her hospitality team, who kept us all fed and watered to ensure the perfect viewing experience and the very creative mock-tails that almost, stole the show. Chef for the culinary delights that excited our tastebuds.

Dr Bishop for her continual support and encouragement of our budding artists and their visions of the world around them.

But most of all we would like to thank our very talented and creative students for their work, that year after year continues to inspire us to get out a paint brush! The art work in the exhibition represented the creative soul of the students and certainly evoked conversation amongst the viewers. The innovative use of materials, styles and techniques and the imaginative thinking of the artists certainly left the audience pondering the issues that face the world today from a students’ perspective. This was another successful and inspirational exhibition by some very talented young artists making the ordinary extraordinary.

‘Art is the demonstration that the ordinary is extraordinary’ Amedee Ozenfant