Night at the Movies 2016

Night at the Movies 2016

Pirates…aliens…hobbits…secret agents… they all made an appearance at the 3rd annual Night At The Movies, held in the Sheldon Event Centre on Saturday night, 16 July. 700 people enjoyed some of the world’s best-loved soundtracks, performed by our Senior ensembles.

This was a music concert with a difference, with styles ranging from rock (Bohemian Rhapsody) to gospel (I Will Follow Him) to musical theatre (Do You Hear The People Sing). Not only did our ensembles perform authentic versions of film music, many of them played the soundtracks while keeping perfect time with the excerpts from the actual movies. While this is a concept now utilised by large state orchestras, our conductors and musicians performed without the benefit of a guide or “click” track to stay in time, using instead their own sense of timing and judgement to make the evening even more challenging to all players.

This year’s grand finale was the final 15 minutes from the classic family film E.T. and even after 400 bars of music, the orchestra (under the baton of Mr Bauer) played the final chord at the exact moment when the film ended. A film-music concert of this scale is not seen in schools, and the ensembles are already planning ahead to 2017’s Night At The Movies: Heroes & Villains.

Thank you to all the family members and friends who came along to this magnificent vocal and instrumental showcase, and thanks also to the many conductors who spent much of the past six months planning this wonderful evening.