ASTA School of Combined Performing Arts (CPA)

The ASTA Professionals School of Combined Performing Arts (CPA) offers comprehensive training in Acting, Vocals and Dance for students in Year 9 to 12. It is specifically aimed at talented students who possess a passion for performance and a vision for a career in any facet of the industry. The course is unique in that it offers creative classroom training providing solid foundations across the three major performing arts disciplines. This is complemented through participation in regular masterclasses directed by industry trained specialists at the cutting edge of their field. Further performance exposure is gained through the weekly tuition workshops, providing regular skill building and performance practice.

The Year 9 and 10 course consists of three areas of study; Acting, Vocals and Dance. The classes are designed to provide valuable exposure to each of the Performing Arts platforms. However, as students often have the tendency to lean more heavily towards one specific art form, they are provided with the opportunity to make their own ‘elective’ based study choices during semester 2. This empowers the students to focus-in on an area of the arts that they particularly desire.  Whilst what underpins our philosophy is the fundamental belief that every performer should be exposed to all three genres, the ‘elective’ based semester allows us to provide the ‘best of both worlds’ which produces a combination of a focused approach and an eclectic learning experience.

During Year 11 and 12, students are able to plan their own pathway and study subjects that appeal specifically to them (much like University). The combined nature of the program subscribes to that of the student's interests and passions.

The ASTA CPA course looks for students who desire to become capable, well-rounded performers in the future.


Term 1 and 2

Wednesdays - 3:45pm to 6:00pm (Voice, Dance and Acting)

Term 3 and 4

Wednesdays - 3:45pm to 4:45pm (Elective A - Voice, Acting or Dance)
Wednesdays - 4:50pm to 5:50pm (Elective B - Voice, Acting or Dance)


Wednesdays - 1:10pm to 2:30pm (Elective A - Voice, Acting or Dance)
Wednesdays - 2:35pm to 3:55pm (Elective B - Voice, Acting or Dance)
Wednesdays - 4:00pm to 5:30pm ('Futures' Elective C)


Welcome to ASTA

The Australian School of The Arts (ASTA) is a state-of-the art program that includes the ASTA Academy and the audition based ‘Professionals’ Arts Excellence program. ASTA caters for students in Prep to Year 12 across all facets of Arts Education, including Music, Visual Art, Drama, Dance, Voice, Film and Television and Musical Theatre at Sheldon College. The ASTA program has over 1000 students enrolled across all of these facets of the Arts.

The ASTA Academy program provides co-curricular tuition in Dance, Drama and Visual Art. The Dance Academy offers tuition for students in Prep to Year 12. Students learn a range of dance styles whilst developing coordination, strength and confidence. The Drama Academy offers Semester based tuition to students in Prep to Year 8 including the ‘Pre-Professionals’ program. These audition-based classes allow talented Year 7 and 8 students to excel in Drama. Students have a choice of studying Musical Theatre or Acting. The Visual Art Academy at Sheldon College offers an exciting, encouraging and supportive environment for students in Years 2 to 8 to explore their artistic and creative talents with new mediums and techniques.

For our Year 9 to 12 students, we also offer a Theatresports program. Theatresports is a system of improvised drama and comedy games, and players have regular opportunities to perform in class, at College, and against other schools in annual Qld Youth Theatresports Challenge.

The ASTA Professionals Program is an audition based excellence course that provides an unparalleled Arts education for talented senior Students in Year 9 to 12 and value adds to the current Arts subjects offered at Sheldon College. Our ‘Professionals’ program provides students with the unique opportunity to marry their love for and talent in the Arts with a regular Academic program, which will still qualify them for an Overall Position (OP).

Griffith University is currently delivering a GUESTS Early Entry Program on the Sheldon College Campus for secondary students wishing to enter a Performing Arts or Film and TV related degree. High School students in the Redlands who have met the Griffith University entry requirements have begun their University studies on the Sheldon College campus. Renowned Dramatist, Author and Griffith University Professor Bruce Burton has been delivering the course ‘Introduction to Performance Skills’, whilst Sheldon College FTV expert, Mr Murray James has been delivering the course ‘Digital Production I’ also to students from all around the Redlands.

If you are interested in the Australian School of the Arts at Sheldon College, please contact the Arts Administrator on (07) 3206 5594 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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