ASTA School of Film and Television

ASTA School of Film and Television

The ASTA Professionals School of Film and Television offers students in Year 11 and 12 extensive training in a wide range of Media styles. The course is designed for talented students who possess a passion for Film and Television and a vision for a career in the Media industry.

The course offers students the ability to gain a Nationally Recognised “Certificate III in Media” within the Senior program. This is complemented through participation in regular master classes and workshops directed by industry-trained specialists at the cutting edge of their field. Further media exposure will be gained through weekly performance workshops, providing regular skill building and media practice.

The ASTA FTV course looks for students who show the potential to pursue a career in the Film and Television industry in the future. It is ideal for students who display natural talent, and thereby enhancing this ability by providing a strong foundation in fundamental training and industry specific knowledge.


Wednesdays - 1:10pm to 3:30pm
Fridays - 2:20pm to 3:30pm
ASTA FTV Students will also be involved in a rotation assembly schedule from 7:30am each Friday.  Selected students will also be requested at various events throughout the year.  Parents and students will be advised in advance of when they will be required.